Put together a shot list from the script, this morning. I also edited the script itself based on the screen tests.

My next task is to storyboard.

I’m looking into ways of filming safely in the rain, to prepare for what thursday might throw at us.

This article has a lot of useful tips, and a couple more in the comments section. I’m still looking, but here’s a list of stuff I think I need to get

  1. umbrella(s)
  2. waterproof poncho(s)
  3. waterproof bag for 5D (ask Roger)
  4. Polariser or filter for lens in case wiping off water causes scratches
  5. microfibre cloths for wiping water away
  6. bin bags for waterproof flooring & makeshift waterproofing of other stuff

Updated screen test. Ceri was really good and recorded it when she finished work late last night. I wasn’t able to give direction, and I really would have liked to. She got the emotion spot-on, but I felt that it was much too ‘theatrical’ for what I was aiming for.

We’re going to run through it all again on Wednesday night, when Ceri is here. It’ll be really good to get them both in the same room. In that time, I hope to get the shot list and order of shooting done (we need to film all of the parts with both of them in on the Thursday for definite, as it’s the only day RJ can do). I also hope to draw up a storyboard and tweak the script - which I’ve already partially done during this edit.

I’m visiting home Tuesday/Wednesday, so I’ll make sure to get everything that I need printed out. I’ll also need to laminate my posters, because it’s probably going to rain.

spooningfairy said: Why not give them umbrellas and try bring a friend along with you to hold a umbrella over your head so that the camera does not get wet?

Yeah, I think I’m gonna have to do that. I’ve just bought thick bin bags for stuff to be put in or on, too.

oh god what do i do

edit: i’m looking everywhere for other locations but it looks like it’s raining all over on Thursday.

I think one of my only options now is to adapt the idea for rain, somehow.

Also it’s worth noting that I’ve asked Ceri and RJ to ad-lib where they feel it’ll be more natural. Nathan suggested that I end it after RJ says “It’ll be okay”, as that gives it a stronger ending than the extra couple of lines makes it.

This is my current screenplay, and it’s what I’m getting RJ and Ceri to do their screen tests off of.

All the formatting has died.

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Screen test with RJ and Nathan, who is standing in for Ceri

I’m getting Ceri to film her screen test tonight and send it to me. I’ve given her direction based on what I thought while filming Nathan and RJ, and there’s direction in the video itself too.

Something I realised while they were reading is that no matter how original and natural I tried to make the dialogue, it still felt really flat? I think it’s probably because the video is plain too, but we’ll see.

I realised I can probably make an animatic with the audio, so I’ll do that after I get Ceri’s recording and before we film on Thursday.

Speaking of Thursday - filming is all arranged, Ceri is definitely coming down, Nathan is going to help film and I’ve booked everything with Roger so now I’m just really hoping it doesn’t rain, or that it doesn’t rain too much. BBC weather still says “light rain” for Thursday, and there isn’t any hourly breakdown information available, so I’m getting a bit worried about it.

I’ve drafted the dialogue for my project. I’ve tried to keep it as natural as possible, but it still needs some work.

This is pretty much just the dialogue, so I’ll work out how the rest of it fits in tomorrow.

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I pitched today, and had a good discussion with Jason and Chris about my work so far.

Jason’s main concern is my actors and he really wants to see them acting together and off of my script, so my next thing is obviously to actually write the script!